Orgasm labor contractions

Oxytocin, the Cuddle Hormone by Marnia Robinson and Gary Wilson Researchers are always seeking answers to fundamental questions about illness: Oxytocin is a hormone and neurotransmitter. Once believed to confine its effects to inducing labor and milk ejection, oxytocin actually has far-reaching effects on both sexes. You could not fall in love without it.
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How To Induce Labor Yourself?

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Ina May, what’s the perinatal mortality rate for aardvarks? | The Skeptical OB

What risks are you willing to take with a mother as she labors in childbirth? C-sections and surgery in general have gotten immensely safer. Natural childbirth has NOT. Even if is was only only! Houston Mom Part of the rise is due to older first time mothers like me.
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8 Ways to Speed Up Labor

Walking helps to move your baby into your pelvis, and gravity puts pressure on your cervix, which may soften it or help open things up. Walking is something safe and easy that anyone can try to bring on labor. Pressure points Pressure points are points along the body that when pressure is applied they can relieve stress or pain, or even stimulate contractions. This may sound a little far-fetched, but many women have tried pressing on one of two pressure points, the webbing between your thumb and fingers and the second pressure point is just above the ankle, to bring on contractions. It actually does cause contractions; however, the contractions may fizzle out once you stop applying pressure.
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